Royal New Year’s Eve

Oh you thought the Hallmark coverage had ended? Shame on you! Hallmark oozes romantic schmaltz all year round.

Caitlyn (Jessy Schram) quit her teaching job to work in fashion, but a year later she’s still just the assistant and her magazine editor boss Abigail (Cheryl Ladd) still hasn’t noticed her. Abigail is helping with the new year’s eve royal fundraising gala where it is rumoured that prince Jeffrey (Sam Page) will propose to his girlfriend, lady Isabelle (Hayley Sales), as per family tradition. She’s hoping that lady Isabelle will choose one of her daughter Leighton’s (Nicole LaPlaca) designs for the occasion, but her eye is drawn to Caitlyn’s design instead, wouldn’t you know it?

Meanwhile, prince Jeffrey has been “acting regular” and “dressing casual” and introduces himself simply as Jeff on the numerous occasions he and Caitlyn run into each other before they’re finally introduced in an official capacity. Ice broken, Caitlyn and Jeffrey are going to be working together rather closely – not only is Caitlyn designing Isabelle’s dress, Abigail is forcing her to plan that new year’s eve party too, hoping of course that Caitlyn will be overwhelmed and one of Leighton’s designs will sub in last minute when Caitlyn fails to produce a dress.

As per Hallmark rules, all this tête à tête-ing should have Caitlyn and Jeffrey falling in love. Except Jeffrey, as we’re all aware, has a girlfriend he’s just days away from proposing to. He is fully off the market. So that leaves…his man servant Barnaby, maybe? Is that a thing? No, no, it’s definitely Jeffrey. Which is awkward, because it means their romance is starting with an emotional affair at the very least, which isn’t normally Hallmark’s style, and a little scandalous besides, not exactly their wholesome best. Will Caitlyn’s dress be ready in time? Will she successfully steal the prince? Will the king dare to intervene? Will a former Charlie’s Angel fire her ass for the audacity? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out. Happy new year!

4 thoughts on “Royal New Year’s Eve

  1. Liz A.

    Oh yes, the new year’s movies, then the Valentine’s Day, then St. Pat. . . No, that’s a bridge too far, I think. Maybe not.



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