Beastie Boys Story

Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz stopped performing as Beastie Boys when friend and bandmate Adam Yauch died in 2012 after a 3 year battle with cancer. Actually, their last performance was in 2009, though none of them knew that it would be then.

This is an untraditional documentary; Diamond and Horovitz have mounted a stage show about the band’s history, its improbable beginnings, the ups and downs of fame, success, and friendship, all filmed by director Spike Jonze in front of a live audience. With behind the scenes photos, intimate stories, and little-known details, Diamond and Horovitz paint an intimate portrait of the Beastie Boys origin story, the turning points, the slumps, the resurrections, the regrets, the compromises, the hardships, and the insane parties.

Of course, at the heart of it all is a 40 year friendship between 3 guys who never grew bored of creating together. It’s clear that Diamond and Horovitz relish the opportunity to remember and honour their fallen friend, but are still emotional doing so. I felt it too, not because of his absence but because he actually felt quite present, so well remembered, so vibrant in memory and legacy. If you’re any kind of fan, you’ll enjoy taking a trip back to their earliest days, and then riding that crazy wave all the way to their most recent success. With so many hits in their catalogue, it’s definitely an enjoyable trip.

8 thoughts on “Beastie Boys Story

  1. Ilene

    As a huge fan I was moved, yet it felt slightly contrived and not in their usual fly by the seat of our pants attitudes. Was it age? The fate of one more person to die from cancer? Was I just curious as to maybe just a bit more awareness could’ve been raised or maybe if it wasn’t the place another time then? For the one who was the most spiritual, the one who pulled it and kept it together I was sad and happy to have his legacy as part of the soundtrack of my life. Oh can’t stand it, I know you planned it…listen all of you it’s sabotage…maybe it was that underlying message that was in every song from Brass Monkey and Right to Party to god knows those great spike jonze videos – I do not know how yet to respond. But I do feel moved still…


  2. selizabryangmailcom

    It’s heartening to see such love and loyalty. Usually it doesn’t seem like people are that connected or care that much about one another, in bands or otherwise. These three obviously had more than just friendship. Sounds very moving.


  3. Reely Bernie

    These were my guilty pleasure go-tos in middle school. To tell you the truth, it was MTV that introduced me to them. Sabotage. Then, I went backwards to hear their rougher cuts. Now, after seeing this doc, it doesn’t surprise me that they lasted as long as they did. They evolved their sound and moved with and against the world. Great write up. This makes me want to blast their stuff through the car windows today…



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