Apparently the man’s name is Cherry. Let’s just deal with that and move on.

Cherry (Tom Holland) is a bit of a drifter. Too heartbroken for college, he joins the army instead, and predictably hates it pretty thoroughly. As a medic, he sees all the worst stuff, so even when he returns home to true love/new wife Emily (Ciaro Bravo), life isn’t exactly perfect. Riddled with PTSD, life unravels, and pretty soon both Cherry and Emily are coping with heroine. As you may be aware, nothing good has ever happened on heroine. Nothing. Best case scenario, you end up robbing banks to support your habit. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what happens to Cherry.

One bad decision after the next, it’s hard to watch Cherry spiral down a hole you know he won’t come out of. Worse, he takes Emily down with him.

Cherry is a great showcase for Tom Holland, who gets to stretch and show range as a once bright and promising kid who gets swallowed up by the convergence of two of the 21st Century’s greatest epidemics. Unfortunately, it’s a less impressive effort from Holland’s frequent MCU directors, Joe and Anthony Russo. Is Cherry over-directed? It may be the case; it definitely feels a bit style over substance. The cinematography is great and movie lovers will have no problem picking out references to other movies, but the truth is, Cherry doesn’t offer a lot that’s new. Sean felt he was watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, minus the humour. I felt like they were aiming for something more intimate, but after years of success in the Marvel universe, the Russos are perhaps a little rusty at delivering a more character-centric film. They drive the film with constant momentum but never pause long enough to drum up pathos or empathy. It’s at least 3 different movies stuffed into the bloated corpse of just one, with a run time to prove it.

This movie has some merit, but not enough to justify itself.

8 thoughts on “Cherry

  1. Liz A.

    This one popped up on one of my streaming services, and I’ve been wondering. Now I know. I should probably skip it.


  2. Brittani

    It’s amazing how two directors can perfectly juggle a decade of continuity and about 40 different characters from different movies but can’t string this together? I plan on watching it sometime this week, but I have very low expectations.


  3. J.

    I kinda fancied this, but I might pass on it. I did watch The Devil All The Time the other night and thought Holland was really good… in fact, I though everyone was good in that.


  4. Ola G

    Cherry is the slang name for new recruits sent to the theater of war – my guess is that this is an adaptation of a semi-autobiographical book under the same title by Nico Walker. A pretty solid book, btw. Pity it got such a weak adaptation, but the Russos haven’t made a good movie since Winter Soldier, IMO.



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