After The Murder of Albert Lima

Albert Lima travelled back and forth to Honduras many times, but the last time, he never returned. He was abducted and murdered, and though his murderer was tried and convicted, he remained free.

Albert’s grown son Paul Lima has spent over a decade seeking justice for his father; some would even say he was obsessed. Unable to move on, failed by the legal system (or as he would say: “dicked around”), Paul has the very bad idea to take things into his own hands. he hires two bounty hunters to follow him to Honduras to track and capture the killer, who has since become virtually untouchable after ascending the ranks of drug kingpin. I’m not sure what could go wrong! Some possibilities though: the bounty hunters are inept, murderers are murdery, Honduras is corrupt, the weapons are cheap and borrowed, the law is not on their side, planning is not their strong suit, and Paul is often too busy looking tough for the camera to realize he’s in deep shit.

I didn’t think too highly of the bounty hunters, but I can hardly believe they stuck around even after Paul wonders if this is “kidnapping, per se” (it is). Then again, I also can’t believe the camera operators stuck around after the first gun was accidentally fired in an enclosed space. No one involved in this film is very smart and it’s astonishing that anyone survived to tell the story. What happened to Albert Lima is a tragedy, but a bunch of amateurs pursuing his killer is only going to result in a higher body count and I don’t for one second believe that’s what he would have wanted for his son.

Some movies you have to see to believe. After The Murder of Albert Lima will be available to stream on CRACKLE in the US on March 18 2021.

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