Godzilla vs. Kong

If nothing else, Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures have been surprisingly persistent in trying to make their MonsterVerse into a successful franchise. This is the fourth film they’ve released since 2014’s Godzilla reboot, and as the title boldly announces, this is the one where the new version of Godzilla meets the new version of King Kong. Of course, by “meets”, I mean “fights to the death in the middle of a bunch of skyscrapers”.

Like the previous films in the MonsterVerse, Godzilla vs. Kong is exactly as advertised. It is essentially plot-free, because that would get mean less time for the monsters to try to murder each other. And monster fights are why this film exists. In between fights there is a small amount of filler in the form of serious science-talk about the origins of these monsters and the “hollow earth”, but feel free to ignore it as I did. Because all the science-talk in the world won’t explain why these giant monsters are saving the environment through killing each other, or why the hollow earth is as bright as day when it is literally the centre of the earth. And the next monster fight is just around the corner anyway.

No one will ever mistake Godzilla vs. Kong for a good movie, but it is a movie that you have to respect if only for its self-confidence. This movie is just so damn sure of itself. So damn sure that you have paid to see monster fights and so damn sure that you do not care about plot or character development or anything else that a normal movie contains. And at least in my case, it was right. I did not miss that other stuff one bit. If you have read this far and still want to see this movie, it will not disappoint. Just pick your favourite monster, sit back, and enjoy the show!

16 thoughts on “Godzilla vs. Kong

  1. Liz A.

    Yeah, some people really enjoy monster fights. And that’s cool. I get it. This movie is not for me, and I have stayed far, far away.


  2. filmmiasma

    The opening sequence set the tone for me and I never really got over it. I mean, he might as well have spritzed some cologne on his hairy asshole and did a song and dance.


  3. The Butcher

    This movie is honest with the people and with hitself. It doesn’t take it seriously and the only thing than wants to do is entertain the viewer with a bit of healthy ignorance. I really appreciate that.


  4. Widdershins

    Saw on your YouTube channel that you’ve been down for the count for a while … hope things have moved along a bit since then, and you’re doing OK. 🙂 … P.s your ’email’ ‘contact me’ link doesn’t work, at least for me. 🙂


  5. emmakwall

    I really enjoyed this film! Was a lot of fun.

    You’re so right about the science-talk and ‘hollow earth’ – I was scoffing at that too! I mean, bright sunshine and waterfalls and a whole eco system with BIRDS flying through the air! WHAAAAAT! The fight scenes were great, loved all the neon. Felt sorry for both creatures, though I guess if I had to choose sides it’d have to be King Kong.

    Had a good duration too, wasn’t over two hours which I thought was about right.


  6. Talk Movies to Me

    I wanted to take a moment and say thanks for the likes earlier this year, it has not gone unnoticed! Just a bit delayed in expressing the gratitude. I don’t post often, more like the blog is a way of my thoughts splurging. Hopefully this won’t get lost in the muddieness of comments. I don’t know how you have been reviewing for so long and consistently. Life has taken it’s course for me and i never forgot the blog and those who followed me.

    As for the movie, i enjoyed it and thought it was little too long. Like if they cut out the attempt to add story it would have been more enjoyable. Thus said, maybe i’ll review one day and talk about it. Keep up the good work!



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