Resort To Love

Love those cheesy holiday romances but can’t quite cope with Christmas in July (or August)? I’ve got your fix.

The Premise: Erica (Christina Milian) suffers two major blows: the album tat was going to be her big break gets shelved, and her fiance leaves her a month before their wedding. Reeling, her friend convinces her to take a seasonal job singing at a tropical resort – a beachy change of pace is just what she needs to, you know, get her groove back. But uh oh: her ex (Jay Pharoah) shows up – not to win her back, but for his own destination wedding to another woman. Yikes! And Erica, of course, is supposed to be their wedding singer! Double yikes.

The Verdict: It is what it is: a sweet and simple romance. It’s definitely not much more, but Christina Milian is very watchable (as evidenced in her previous Netflix offering, another romance punnily titled Falling Inn Love), and so is her love interest, the very hunky Sinqua Walls. This one’s only for fans of the genre, but those who are are sure to love it.

2 thoughts on “Resort To Love

  1. dr bob Jantzen

    We just got back from 5 weeks in Italy and we streamed this on our 10.5 inch laptop one afternoon escaping the merciless Roman heat which melts tourist (no TV in our summer rental) and loved it! We had already seen and liked Cristina Milan on the “big screen” (55in) at home in Falling Inn Love. She has a perky attractive personality that makes this comfort food category of movie a pleasure to watch. No one is expecting Oscar performances here, just fun romcom stuff. Best supporting actor goes to TJ Power for his delightful injection of lightheartedness as the wedding band guitar player and jack of all trades at the hotel.



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