The Premise: Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which causes her anger, and indeed even mild annoyance, to turn into deadly violence. When provoked, she snaps, and good luck surviving her wrath as the extra cortisol makes her stronger and faster than any mere human. After a childhood spent as a lab rat, Lindy strives to live as normally as possible, experimenting with extreme shock therapy to keep her anger from detonating. But when the only man she’s ever cared for is taken from her, she’s going to embrace her inner demons in the pursuit of vengeance.

The Verdict: Jolt isn’t exactly a gem, but as an action-comedy, it’s surprisingly watchable. It depends a lot on Kate Beckinsale’s charms, but as they are indeed considerable, I didn’t mind this. The writing is sloppy but occasionally satisfactorily sardonic, and Beckinsale proves she can land a punch as well as a punchline. Yeah, it’s a little sexist (why are the shock pads stuck to her boobs?), and sure it pats itself a little too smugly on the back for being gender-bending, but the action’s there, if a little uninspired, and the character’s a lot of fun, and it’s sitting on Amazon Prime just waiting for you to give it a watch when there’s literally nothing else.

7 thoughts on “Jolt

  1. Tanishq Abhi Gupta

    Started off with a bang and was fun for about the first 30m. Then just fell into the generic chase, fight, catch/escape tropes. Courtney is a one-role actor as is Tucci. Kate is good, as usual, but pretty done an hour in.
    Overall, it was “okay”

    Nice description, Jay.


  2. Anonymole

    Another Kate Beckinsale I’d-watch-you-all-night-long flick I caught recently was “Absolutely Anything” with Simon Pegg. It was Robin Williams’ last movie… Enjoyed the premise and the literal interpretation of wishes. (Which, if you’ve ever analyzed the progression of the development of Artificial General Intelligence, is fairly accurate. By this, I mean, that if you ask a robot to make you laugh: be prepared for anything; being tickled to death, developing a drug that turns you maniacally insane, smacks your funny-bone incessantly, anything.)

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  3. Liz A.

    Yes, I’ll wait until there is literally nothing else. But this isn’t my kind of story. I’m sure there are those that will enjoy it.


  4. Wednesday's Child

    This is on the banner at the top of Prime every time I click on the app and although I’ve been curious and I do like Bobby Cannavale, your review pretty much satisfies my curiosity more than actually checking out the show. LOL!



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