Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses

Abbey (Jill Wagner) is a single mother trying to jump start her career as an interior designer after taking time off to raise her son Max (Wyatt Hunt). Luckily she’s got an excellent contact at the retirement residence where she volunteers – Caroline (Ms. Donna Mills, the one and only) recommends her for a big “estate” gig converting a lavish home into offices fit to host a holiday party on Christmas Eve. Businessman Nick (Matthew Davis) isn’t exactly immediately impressed but then again, his first impression was actually the day before when they literally ran into each other on the street, which is the cause of 80% of all romances, according to Hallmark. Coffee spillage optional but I’d say papers at minimum.

Anyway, an old man at the home is trying to fix Abbey up with a handsome, sweet doctor who likes kids while Caroline is trying to push her and Nick together, but Nick’s senior vice president might come between them if Nick’s obsession with work doesn’t do them in before they even get started. There are antiques to consider, cocoa to drink, gingerbread houses to build, trees to decorate, and actual halls to literally deck.

Oh to have two perfect men fighting over you at Christmas, befriending your dad, ready to adopt your son, adoring of your subpar work. All the best guys are either gay or on Hallmark.

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