Hey Everyone! I’m Sharing Some Spider-Man Memories

“Hey everyone.”  With those two simple words, the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War reminded me that Spider-Man is my all-time favourite superhero, hands down, and made it clear that I have to drag Jay to yet another superhero movie.

My love of Spidey started as a six year old who could not stop watching the 1960s cartoon, the one where Spider-Man would swing across the same three weirdly coloured sky backgrounds wit60s spidey.jpgh no real need for anything to swing from (he swung across the Everglades at one point, above all the trees)!  I am humming the theme song right now and hopefully so are you.  I truly can’t imagine a better intro to a cartoon or a better gateway drug into the world of comic book consumerism.

Then came the comic books themselves.  I still remember getting my first Spider-Man comic like it was yesterday.  My parents bought it for me and it was, of course, a battle between Spidey and Doctor Octopus, where Spider-Man ends up saving Doc Ock at the end, because that’s what Spidey does.  Peter_Parker,_The_Spectacular_Spider-Man_Vol_1_79

From there, I was hooked.  As I got older and realized that comics cost money, I supported my habit with paper route earnings.  I wasted a bit of time buying Superman comics but quickly wised up and returned to Spider-Man.  Though not quickly enough, as by the time I started buying Todd McFarlane-era Spider-Man comics, it was the height of the comic book speculation boom and some of them cost $20 each (which was a lot to a paperboy).

Of course, the market crashed soon afterwards but by that time I had moved on to playing sports, though occasionally I still drew my own comics until I got suspended from high school for it14superman (seriously).

As a side note, my inker on that ill-fated high school comic strip ended up both rappelling down Toronto’s city hall in a Spider-Man costume and writing Spider-Man into Marvel’s recent reboot of Howard the Duck.  As for me, the closest I ever came to wearing a superhero costume was owning a pair of Superman underoos.  Underoos!  “Hey everyone.” And with that, the circle is closed.


27 thoughts on “Hey Everyone! I’m Sharing Some Spider-Man Memories


    I’m right there with ya. I love the Steve Ditko inspired new costume. It got me singing the cartoon theme too. I collected comics during the McFarlane era as well. It’s clear with the tone of trailer, this movie is more adult oriented. With the retro Spidey look, Marvel aims at nostalgia for the older audience. I love it! Stay rad!

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  2. Matt

    Oh my god, this movie looks so good! I have never been more excited for a Marvel movie. The way you talk about saving money for comics brings back memories of being obsessed with Batman.


    1. Sean Post author

      I am hopeful that Captain America: Civil War helps me to forget those movies even existed. I don’t know how Sony ever expected to do spin-offs from the second one. It was absolutely terrible and I’m glad it was in a way, so that Sony was willing to strike a deal with Marvel. I hope Civil War is able to capture Spidey’s strong relationships with Iron Man and Cap. Casting a teenager in the role is a good start.

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  3. Brittani

    Spiderman is so fun. He’s someone I loved as a kid, and now I get to see my son run around in his own Spiderman costume. I’m glad the MCU has him back now, but I’m still a bit torn, because I loved Tobey as Spiderman.


  4. Wendell

    Love this post. Much of it sounds like my own childhood, except I was never a paperboy, and I’m probably older than you. I say that because I bought the first issue of McFarlane’s Spider-Man when it was first published. I think it was a dollar. And I was already 18. Unfortunately, I let it get very tattered and eventually lost it. Sigh. Anyhoo, great post. And how do I not remember the episode of Spidey swinging above the trees in the Everglades? I’ll chalk it up to probably being around 8 when I saw it.


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