Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

I’m at a wedding today, one I’m helping to coordinate, so I know the brides and I are all hoping that it won’t be cloudy, nor will there by any weird weather events. Blue skies and sunshine please.

I saw Up in theatres with my best friend Rachel in the spring of 2009. The previews included a trailer for a movie I’d never heard of before – Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. With our dorky 3D glasses on, the meatballs looked big and bad and only a glance between us was needed to establish that this is where we’d be when it came out in September of that year.

I did see Meatballs in theatres, with Sean. Rachel was dead by then. She died very suddenly on this day 7 years ago, the result of a motorcycle accident. She left behind a 9 year old daughter and was just a couple of weeks away from turning 30. She was buried in a sundress that I bought her. She was always older than me but now I’m older than she ever got to be. I’ve been without her for longer than I knew her, but her loss still smarts.

Meatballs was possibly the first movie I saw with Sean. He and I met just a month before Rachel died. He never knew her in life; they only “met” when he accompanied me to the hospital to say my goodbyes, but that swollen face and broken body weren’t her.

I’ve never been able to be objective about this movie. I like it. It has Mr. T. and that’s pretty objectively great. But it’s also a way to have one last date with the fabulous Miss Rachel. I never got to throw her that surprise birthday party, or be the maid of honour at her wedding. But I did see this movie, and I know she saw it with me.

15 thoughts on “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

  1. Courtney Small

    It is amazing how certain films imprint themselves onto personal memories. While it is sad that you friend is no longer with us, it is nice that this film can evoke one of the numerous pleasant memories you have of her.


  2. kmSalvatore

    Oh Jay I’m so sorry, and this was not a good day for me to read this, no that anyway would be good to read about this tragedy 😦
    Films to me are just another example like my photography… All memories, we can actually grab on to. Take care ,and good luck today 😘


  3. Bun Karyudo

    This was such a sad and moving post, Jay. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend at such a tragically young age. I can understand how watching the movie must have been such a bittersweet experience for you.


  4. fifi + hop

    Wow, reading this as it’s one of my girls favorites books and movies, I didn’t know the direction it’d be heading in. The buried in the sundress you got her part really got me. So sad, but so beautiful.


  5. J.

    Unexpected. Don’t quite know what to say. Loss is horrific no matter who and how. Memories are great, though. Hold on to them.

    Anyhoo, sending good vibrations.



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