TIFF: The Podcast

In this week’s episode, we discuss the best and the worst of our Toronto International Film Festival experience. The best is easy to agree on: La La Land. The bloodiest? The saddest? Those are up for debate. Join in!

11 thoughts on “TIFF: The Podcast


    Just checking out the video guys. Right on! Sounds like a few good TIFF Movies this year. I definitely wanna check out Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, but you guys make Mascots sound fun. Looking forward to La La Land too (‘natch). I hope to see more YouTube soon. Good stuff, Assholes!


  2. karengadient

    Great to see the Assholes in action! Thanks to knowing you, I’ve got a lot more films on my radar; my family has always run pools for the Oscars/Globes but this blog has gotten me more movie-minded year-round.


  3. kmSalvatore

    really great to see you all. you guys have been busy!! yep, theres a few ..very few ill go see. thanks for the heads up.. you guys always save me so much money:)! have an excellent week



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