Bridget Jones’s Baby

My biggest problem with the Bridget Jones series has always been with Bridget herself. I find her a bit insufferable. She’s whiny and vacuous and quite self-absorbed. I think she’s supposed to be relatable, but I always find her an insult to women everywhere. However, with both of my dreamboats Colin Firth and Hugh Grant on board, I couldn’t help but succumb to Bridget and her wanton ways.

In this newest incarnation, Hugh Grant is dead, and his cavernously-bridget-jones-gallery-01inadequate replacement is Patrick Dumpsey. I am very firmly NOT aboard the McDreamy train. I am on the station platform, eyebrow cocked, arms crossed, unamused ember in my eye, willing it to just get on with it already. Good riddance. The only thing I’ve known him from is Can’t Buy Me Love, and I’ve not been induced to rectify that. Still, I was unprepared for how astoundingly bad Dumpsey is in Bridget Jones’s Baby. Dear god. He’s really, really bad.

Bridget Jones, luckily, is a little more tolerable. Older now, she’s less obsessive about her weight (though this might be attributed to Renee Zellweger’s refusal to gain weight for the role), and accordingly more focused on her age. But 15-bridget-jones-baby_w529_h352she’s also got a nice social life and a good job, so she feels more well-rounded and less pathetic. Well done, feminism! And she isn’t whining and pining over two men, either. This time she’s chosen both, laid them both, and wound up pregnant. Who’s the daddy?

In a way it doesn’t matter. Bridget is 43 now, and more mature. She’s not man-hunting, she’s content to be by herself, to parent by herself. This message isn’t exactly served by the love fantasy it constantly alludes to. Firth’s character, actually called “Mr. Darcy” is every bit the prototypical Pride & Prejudice hero. Dumpsey gets a Cinderella storyline and does his best Prince Charming impression. Austen vs Disney: who would you choose? Bridget is as maddeningly flip-floppy as ever, but never mind. The real love story here is between Bridget and her baby, which is possibly the first thing this trilogy really gets right.


18 thoughts on “Bridget Jones’s Baby

  1. Birgit

    I am not a Zellweger fan and want to shove some food into her so she gains some weight but I always liked the Bridget Jones Diary…the first one more than the second. You are right about Bridget just being all about her and then when she finally nabs the guy who is great, somehow they divorce. I bet it’s more his fault than hers but I would want to kill her if I was married to her. I would pick Colin Firth all the way. I will see this movie and glad it sounds good.


  2. Liz A.

    The reason I read the first book and saw the first movie was because the author explained that it was based on Pride & Prejudice. That’s why he’s Mr. Darcy. (It was a casting coup to get Firth for the role, so they played up the Darcy thing in the movie.) I never bothered with the sequel. Nor will I bother with this one. Cute idea initially. But I’ve moved on.


  3. Natasha

    Have you read the books? She’s even more insufferable in there. I’ve enjoyed the first film, but haven’t really checked out more yet (planning to). Though I’m sorry they didn’t include Hugh Grant – he was one of the things that worked well in the first film.


  4. reocochran

    I like the movies but it is a sense of humor mainly based on my own dating escapades, her running down the street in a robe, her getting skirt all caught up are age 20-30 year olds normal mode of operandi! I liked the Hugh Grant, Colin Firth complete opposite characters and my friend Linda and I cannot wait to see this, we must be “daft!!” 😀


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  6. J.

    Never seen a Bridget Jones flick. Just didn’t imagine they’d appeal to me. Unless they feature Kaiju or Steven Seagal. Now that’d be an interesting Bridget Jones, huh?

    As for Zellwegger, I think the only movie of hers I’ve seen start to finish is Nurse Betty. Which I like a whole lot. I don’t image this is anywhere near as good as that!


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