The Founder

the-founder-movie-2016-trailer-michael-keatonI suppose it was to be expected that Ray Kroc, the “founder” of McDonald’s, was an asshole. But, wow, was he ever an asshole. He died well before this movie was made but it seems he would have agreed with that assessment and been fine with it since it got him where he wanted to be – it made him rich, eventually.

But not without some struggles. You see, he didn’t “create” McDonald’s until he was 52 years old, and the reason for the quotation marks is because he didn’t actually create it. But as we know, history is written by the victors, and that’s Ray Kroc.

Michael Keaton is extremely good as Kroc. Good to the point that he makes Kroc seem like almost a decent guy even though he’d take your last McNugget whether or not he was hungry. The great Nick Offerman and the familiar John Carroll Lynch are excellent as well as Kroc’s former partners, the McDonald brothers. Other familiar faces will pop up for a scene or two, but this movie is mainly about Kroc and the McDonalds.

The Founder’s story is an interesting and engaging one from start to finish. It skips around noticably at parts and I felt a bit disconnected from the movie as a result, but the core tale remained crisp, clear, and entertaining throughout, to the point that the lawyer side of me wanted to yell at the screen as one particularly bad decision was made.

So bring your notepad and find out how an empire can be built from practically nothing on someone else’s idea, as long as you don’t mind being an asshole about it. The Founder gets a score of seven “fries with that” out of ten.

24 thoughts on “The Founder

  1. Carrie Rubin

    “find out how an empire can be built from practically nothing on someone else’s idea, as long as you don’t mind being an asshole about it”—Sadly, something tells me that’s how a lot of empires are built. Grr.

    Thanks for the review. I look forward to seeing this one.

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  2. ninvoid99

    I might want to see this because of Michael Keaton while there is a lesson to all of this. When you have a good idea and see the potential in making a shitload of $$$$$$. You better take the gamble and go for it unless someone will take that idea and make himself that shitload of $$$$$$$$ and leave you in the dust. That is also what happened to the guy who created Victoria’s Secret when he sold it to the Limited and then realized how much money they made as he ended up jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge to his death. All he ever wanted to do was buy underwear for his wife.

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      1. ninvoid99

        Yeah, it was a story told on The Social Network when Justin Timberlake was at a club talking to Jesse Eisenberg in that scene which reveals why a good idea can’t be wasted.


  3. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy

    I read Ray & Joan a few weeks ago, about Ray and Joan Kroc – it was a fascinating look at their relationship (which, based on the picture of a McDonald’s in Minnesota, I’m guessing is depicted at least somewhat in the movie). Their relationship was fascinating, at least as depicted in the book.

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  4. J.

    Excellent. Can’t say I’ve ever been interested in the McDonald’s backstory, but this sounds particularly good. And the inclusion of shady shenanigans is always intriguing. Plus, Keaton and Offerman? I’ll have some fries and a shake with that.

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  5. reocochran

    I will see this as soon as it comes to my small town theatre! Right now they are featuring the fine award nominated movies, Fences and Manchester by the Sea. I am sure they’ll get Croc. 🙂 I like Michael Keaton and admire his body of films work.


  6. reocochran

    “Kroc” not Croc, sorry! Michael Keaton’s filmolgy and film works is a testament to a fine actor, Sean. Thanks for your 7 of 10 review which will get me in the theatre to see this! 🙂


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