Happy weekend, everyone! Shall we celebrate with Netflix’s new action flick starring Chris Hemsworth? Let’s discuss.

The plot, such as it is, can be summed up in only one word, which they’ve helpfully made the title: extraction. Picture this: two rival drug lords, one imprisoned and ruthless, the other not currently imprisoned and also super ruthless. The unimprisoned one kidnaps the imprisoned one’s kid, even though the imprisoned drug lord seems not to be the most doting or devoted of fathers, but it’s the principle of the thing, and he’s pissed. Pissed enough to take it out on his own people, threatening to execute their children if they fail to retrieve his. His henchman is a little more fond of his kids, so he goes straight to the best in the biz, Australian Tyler Rake (Hemsworth), a fearless black market mercenary.

Rake drops into India like it ain’t no thing, yoinks the kid (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) out of the evil clutches of his kidnappers, but then has the nearly insurmountable task of navigating an incredibly dense city teeming with an underworld of weapons dealers and traffickers where good guys, if there are any, are indistinguishable from the baddies. Also: Tyler Rake is a sad and broken man, so he may not be as motivated to stay alive as you’d normally like your rescuer to be.

Sean thought this movie was “not very good” and I thought it was “definitely an action movie.” It should be said that Sean generally likes action movies and I’m a little harder to impress. Evidence you’ll need to decipher whether this particular action movie is for you:

1. Hemsworth is only shirtless once, from behind

2. great close combat scenes, very slice and dicey

3. no time wasted on “story” or “character” or “reality”

4. 12 minute long single-take action sequence that really satisfies the bloodlust

5. based on the graphic novel Ciudad by Ande Parks and the Russo brothers

6. the violence is graphic, aimless, and relentless, and often perpetrated by (and against!) children

7. feels a bit like a first person shooter game

8. the stunts are pretty spectacular

9. if you squint hard enough, an assault rifle sorta looks like Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer)

10. doubles as psa for road safety

17 thoughts on “Extraction

  1. badblokebob

    Personally, I rather enjoyed it. It is indeed “definitely an action movie”, but that’s all I expected from it and I got what I came for. It certainly doesn’t tick many other boxes, considering the plot is about as predictable as they come and such things as character arcs are virtually nonexistent.

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  2. Bon Repos Gites

    Weirdly, I actually watched this movie last night. OK, I appreciate that you and Sean weren’t impressed but for 2hrs of sheer escapism I enjoyed it. It’ll never be remembered as a great movie but it was an enjoyable romp and had no pretensions to be anything other. There are plenty of worse movies of this genre out there is “straight to video land’ 😉

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  3. tubularsock

    “12 minute long single-take action sequence that really satisfies the bloodlust”

    Now why would Tubularsock waste time with this when Tubularsock can actually
    “live this experience” attempting to buy TOILET PAPER at any given store right now?

    And it takes way longer than 12 minutes!


  4. allthingsthriller

    I’m laughing. And it’s dark…I’m thinking I’m pitching a game and I’m saying to the head honcho…It’s a first person shooter game where the shooter and the victims are…CHILDREN!!! Horrible! Absurd! Good grief…this is crazy! And it’s the plot for the next Avengers movie. Yay!


  5. Jimmyzee

    Do not listen to the negative reviews, the action in this movie is the best I have seen in some time and that includes the last John Wick movie. Sequel us in on its way no doubt. This movie was so good it should have been on the big theater screen. Don’t miss it !



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