Quick & Dirty


Short Term 12 – Brie Larson stars as a social worker in a group home for damaged kids – though she hasn’t quite shed her own damaged past. Raw, messy, and unmissable.


Proof – Gwyneth Paltrow’s recently deceased father (Anthony Hopkins) was both a genius mathematician and a victim of dementia. She’s afraid that she’s inherited both those tendencies. Good performances but unbalanced film.


Lucky – A man is inconvenienced when he wins 36 million dollars in a state lottery – it makes his secret killing spree more vulnerable to discovery! No chemistry between Colin Hanks and Ari Graynor and the movie just kind of pinballs between one bad idea and the next. Dud.

lovemeLove Me – Documentary about American men finding mail order brides. Gave me the willies. Scams outnumber love stories but it’s very hard to feel sorry for guys who gave me the creeps.

7 thoughts on “Quick & Dirty

  1. Brenda

    I watched Love Me over the weekend and it haunts me. The older fit guy realised pretty quickly that the situation was messed up and that, with a change of attitude on his part, he could have a successful relationship with an American woman. Otherwise, I wanted to scream at my screen “stop spending time and money on mail order bride websites and go to the gym instead!” The one exception was the guy in construction (not the Texas dude) who seemed to have a really open attitude, saw it as an adventure, and actually met someone age appropriate and of equal attractiveness (not a Barbie) in Ukraine.


    1. Jay Post author

      Oh my god, yes! If it seems too good to be true IT PROBABLY IS! That one guy who loved his video game goggles kept chatting up lingerie models and it’s like – really? You think so? You don’t deserve love. You don’t even deserve to get a green card marriage.
      And agreed about the fit dude – I didn’t like him at first for his comments on “American women” but he did seem to learn his lesson. He wasn’t desperate enough to fall for the schemes. I mean, there are scammers on dating sites on this side of the pond too. Be smart. If it’s costing you money to talk to someone, you better be SURE she’s worth it.


  2. Angie

    Short Term 12 was amazing. It was painful without being sentimental. I haven’t seen Proof, but I read the play it was based off of. I think GP has becoming a little too tied up in her persona that it makes it hard for audiences to connect with her.


  3. Andrew

    Short Term 12 was so good, and such a strong ensemble. Proof was…like you said, uneven. Haven’t seen the other two, but your description of Love Me made me chuckle.


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