San Andreas – not the Rock’s fault!

I just liked the title, it’s not a knock on this movie.  San Andreas was actually surprisingly enjoyable.  I am biased because as you may know I like when things blow up.  Well, the sheer amount of destruction on screen here probably tops 2012 (the movie not the year).  Which of course was centred around the Mayan apocalypse.  This is just two little states getting smashed, but my god, so much smash!

I go into these movies expecting cliches and this movie has all of them.  Including one I could have done without, the scuzzy new boyfriend of the ex of the male lead.  And he is super scuzzy, Mr. Fantastic he is not.  I felt like he was included just so we could get behind some of the disaster, like maybe if he dies it will be easier to forget the thousands more that are swept away with him.  You be the judge I guess.  For me, I always just assume everyone else died at the end of these movies, even though they tell us in cliched news footage that most were okay.  In San Andreas, it did not seem like anyone except the Rock and his family were walking away at the end.  The other CG rag dolls just added to the triumph.

I liked it.  Every ludicrous minute.  Critics drive me nuts when they give a movie like this a one star review.  You know what?  This is not Oscar material.  We came here to see some shit get torn up.  And San Andreas delivers to a fault!!!!

I give it a score of 31,250 atom bombs out of 40,000.

24 thoughts on “San Andreas – not the Rock’s fault!

  1. Carrie Rubin

    I look forward to seeing it. I don’t pay much attention to movie reviews (except yours, of course!), so even though the critics aren’t being kind to San Andreas, I still plan on going. As you point out, it’s not meant to be Oscar material. It’s just meant to be great escapism. And that’s the main reason I go to movies.

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    1. mattasshole

      Sean, while I admire your generosity, I can’t buy the “this isn’t meant to be an Oscar movie” defense. Not here.
      This was never meant to change the way we think and it’s not meant to be great art but I’m sure it was meant to at least be exciting. And was it really?
      I wouldn’t say so. Yes, a lot of things blow up but we’re in the season where every movie is blowing shit up. There’s got to be someone else out there doing it better.


      1. seanathant Post author

        I haven’t seen Armageddon in a long time but I think the destruction shots are super short and nothing special at all, while this movie gave us mayhem almost non-stop from start to finish!


  2. Ally B. Jones

    Those critics…. then again I’m am a lover of tv shows that get canceled cause no one else watches sooo no harm to foul. I’ll wait on the dvd though.. Some movies are just silly like the expandable…..

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  3. Indah Susanti

    I will check this movie. Thanks for the review, I like Dwayne Johnson..
    BTW, have you watched any Scandinavian movies? They are pretty good in making TV series for sure – I was hooked with some of their TV series.

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      1. Indah Susanti

        Hi Jay, I like the Killing (Danish ones – the original, I haven’t seen the American’s version) so much. Sofie Gråbøl is my fave tv actress. Her new TV Series is Fortitude (thankfully it is in English). I am still watching Fortitude season 1 and so far it is thrilling, it made me see fork differently 😦 I also like Danish TV series called Borgen (government). It’s more drama about political matters and European politicians way of life -but I only like the first and second seasons. The third season was disappointing 😦


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